About Our Organisation

Bengal Amateur Taekwondo Association is the only Bengal Olympic Association affiliated Taekwondo (from 1988 onwards) body in the State of West Bengal. We have affiliation with the Taekwondo Federation of India (T.F.I.), whose, President, Mr. Harish Kumar is an Executive Council Member of the Indian Olympic Association and the Asian Taekwondo Union. We are recognized by the West Bengal State Council of Sports as being the only official body in this particular sport in West Bengal. The South Calcutta Sports Council recognizes us too.. Our parent body, Taekwondo Federation of India, is certified by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports as having its registered office at Lucknow, registered/incorporated vide No.1695/82-83 dated 15/09/1982 under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and has been recognized as a National Sports Federation for the discipline of Taekwondo.

In opting for this Sport kindly keep in mind that this has to be taught by duly certified Instructors. Bengal Amateur Taekwondo Association (under the aegis of the Taekwondo Federation of India) who will certify them on an annual basis after their undergoing the up-gradation process. This is imperative to maintain the purity of the Sport and to ensure that unauthorized persons, pretending to be Taekwondo experts having no Certifications from Government of India recognized Bodies do not start a racket of profiteering at the expense of an innocent child where the physical body itself is being transformed into a weapon. An unauthorized person claiming to be a Taekwondo Expert can do more harm than good to a growing child therefore please deal with Sports Bodies recognized by the Bengal Olympic Association and West Bengal State Council of Sports as well as the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Learn Taekwondo , for this is the only way of keeping fit as well as being capable of not only defending oneself but also protecting others without the help of weapons since one has trained their body to become a good looking weapon.